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Laser cutting machine Advanced material cutting method

Good quality UV Laser Marking Machine for sales
We received the Fiber laser machine and it is very easy in use with good quality. many thanks for your good cooperated and give me correct info, and thanks for your good communications and your good following up to received the machine, and I hope to requesting more machines in near future. I was pleased deal with you.

—— Waleed Imam

I have no words to describe how impressed we are - the communication was fast, producing and delivery were excellent. We have a lot of laser machines from different suppliers, but this supplier is the best!

—— Petkov

Great Supplier, Great Communication, Great Equipment, Fast Service ! What can I say more ? We will order more from this company same and different equipments. Highly suggested.

—— Bugra

I am very pleased with my order. The machine and everything else was as described. Very good build quality. Well packed and shipped on time. The customer support is great. They provided my all of the necessary information that I asked for and even more. For sure if I need a new laser I will contact Wuhan Huahai Century Laser Co., Ltd. :)

—— Alexandre

Very good quality product, all in order and very good packaged. very accommodating and comprehensive seller for many problems.

—— Guedat

I got my second machine. very pleased. Exquisite workmanship, quality material, quick response, good technical service. thank you for everything.

—— Mehmet

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Laser cutting machine Advanced material cutting method

Laser cutting machine processing as an advanced material cutting tools, has become increasingly accepted by sheet metal producers. With the computer control technology and optical technology continues to progress, people for their processing capacity expectations are getting higher and higher, this expectation is not only to be able to cut, but also cut good and cut expectations. Metal laser cutting machine is to use solid-state optical fiber module as the excitation source of the metal laser output high energy density laser beam, and focus on the workpiece surface, the workpiece is spot light irradiation area instantaneous melting and gasification, through computer control CNC machinery The system moves the spot irradiation position to realize automatic cutting. It is a set of laser technology, numerical control technology, precision machinery technology in one of the high-tech equipment. And can give the answer of course, can not do without processing machine performance, while being processed materials also have a direct impact on the merits of the answer.


Laser processing is the use of light energy through the lens focus in the focus to achieve a high energy density, by the thermal effects of light to the processing. Laser processing does not require tools, processing speed, surface deformation is small, can process a variety of materials. The laser beam is used to process various materials such as punching, cutting, scribing, welding and heat treatment. Some materials with metastable energy level absorb light energy under the excitation of external photons, so that the number of high energy atoms is greater than the number of low energy atoms - the number of particles reversed, if a beam of light, the photon Energy is equal to the corresponding difference between the two, then will have stimulated radiation, the output of a large number of light energy.


Laser cutting machine processing for non-contact processing, inertia, processing speed, beam moving speed, and auxiliary blowing device, so the heat affected zone is small. Adopting advanced numerical control system and advanced CAD / CAM software programming, it is convenient to save time and high automatization of laser cutting. It can be totally enclosed and processed without pollution and noise, which greatly improves the working environment of the operator. So the overall efficiency is high. Laser cutting and forming technology in the field of non-metallic materials also has a wider range of applications. Not only cutting high hardness and brittleness of materials, such as silicon nitride, ceramics, quartz, etc .; also cutting and processing of flexible materials such as cloth, paper, plastic, rubber, etc., such as laser clothing cut, % ~ 12%, improve the efficacy of more than 3 times.


Laser processing started earlier in Europe and America and Japan, in the 80s of last century by the laser processing machine manufacturers on the steel production made a specific quality requirements, which have different from the ordinary steel but the price of high laser special steel. With laser processing has become the main means of cutting is accepted, 25mm following the ordinary steel plate on the laser professional materials as a standard material. However, due to China's rapid development, too late to adapt to the production of steel, there is a Chinese steel and steel imports of the points. The main difference lies in the impurity content of steel and steel surface treatment and transportation and storage of a series of reasons, resulting in the status of China's sheet metal cutting difficult.

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